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Automation is tricky

Competing RPA / OCR solutions can automate only simple document processes

They’re crude

Few go beyond basic OCR capabilities with simple regex or template-based extraction.

They’re brittle

Even small changes in document layout or text format can trigger exceptions and errors.

They’re inaccurate

Despite claims of “99% accuracy”, results fall short on “real world” documents, requiring extensive rework and QA.

They’re hard to set up

“Smart” features are little more than hand-built templates that require extensive installation effort.
A state-of-the-art solution

We built our own intelligent document automation tools around a state-of-the-art parsing engine.

Glyphic sees and interprets the page in much the same way as human eyes. And it does so predictably and reliably.
Going far beyond OCR

Process poorly scanned documents with ease.

Glyphic Reader leverages proprietary convolutional neural networks (CNNs) that correctly detect and identify everything on the page.
Truly actionable classification

Learn exactly what document this is.

Glyphic Classifier doesn’t just tell you that this document is an invoice -- it “knows” that this is a water bill for Store #818 for July.
Avoid errors

Get the data you need every time.

Glyphic Extractor reliably identifies key value relationships, even when tables are completely rearranged and relocated from one month to the next. And returns a hyperlink back to the precise source of the information for auditing.
Redact securely

Use AI to redact sensitive information.

Glyphic Redactor identifies confidential information automatically, and generates a “flat”, metadata free copy of the document.
A feature overview

Why customers are choosing Glyphic

Flexible Configurations
Add Glyphic modules a la carte to your existing workflow, or deploy them together as an end-to-end solution.
Robust to Real World
Battle tested in multiple industries, with graceful exception-handling if needed.
Easy to Deploy
Glyphic deployments take a few weeks, and require no special skills from your team.
Scalable Infrastructure
Glyphic runs 24/7/365 and has processed millions of  documents for global firms. On prem options available.
Secure Deployments
Glyphic deploys to customer-specific VPC, monitored 24/7.
Top-Notch Support
Run into trouble? Don’t fret. Our friendly support Staff have you covered.

Automate your document workflows intelligently, quickly, and reliably.

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  • Fast and affordable implementation
  • Secure and scalable deployment
  • Focus on value-added work
  • Delight your staff